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How to limit the environmental impact of printing at work


Reducing your impact on the environment within the workplace isn’t always easy, when it comes to printing however there are plenty of quick fixes you can implement to help you towards a greener office. Here we’ve highlighted a few quick policy changes that could be introduced if you want to limit the environmental impact of your printing…

Font and formatting

Simply by getting rid of bolder headers and the amount of text is a small change that could end up having a big impact in the long run. By using less ink for every page, especially when it comes to regularly printed documents, you could have a greener office before you know it. Other considerations to take into account could be using thinner fonts like Century Gothic and reducing the size of your letterhead. While it may seem like a small change, the amount of ink and toner you save could surprise you.

Thinner, recycled paper

Today nearly all printers will accommodate paper that has a weight of much less than 80gsm. By using thinner paper, it means less material is being used for every page you print, making it a simple and great way to reduce your energy usage significantly. Additionally, by ensuring that all your paper is recycled, you’re effectively neutralising the environmental impact your paper usage has.

Duplex printing

Most printers will have a duplexer function that is often underused. By taking advantage of a duplexer function, it means you’re instructing the paper to print on both sides of the paper automatically. Not only will it save time but it will effectively cut your paper costs in half.

All in one go

Sometimes you will need to print something urgently, but for those documents that can wait a while it may be worth sending all your printing jobs to the printer in one go. Every time the printer gets a print request, an initialisation process gets underway, which warms up the machine. By sending all your requests at once, it limits the amount of times the printer has to run a start-up cycle, which again will save energy as well as printer consumables.

High capacity cartridges

This is another simple change you might want to take a look at. Most printers will now provide standard cartridges as well as high capacity ones. In nearly all cases, the larger capacity cartridges have been filled completely. By opting for these cartridges over the standard ones, you may experience lesser running costs on-top of your business producing less waste cartridges.


Remanufactured cartridges

Technology within new printers is nearly always within the printer itself, it means that it doesn’t require a lot of effort to recondition the cartridges. Using remanufactured cartridges from a third party is a quick and easy way to ensure that your company is making the most out of every cartridge. When you consider that most cartridges can be re-used more than once before they get broken down, it makes sense to opt for remanufactured ones. Often, businesses worry about the reliability of remanufactured cartridges, but with third party producers required to meet very strict measures of quality, there’s no need to have any performance concerns.

Use standby

Although it’s common knowledge that printers have standby modes, they are usually underused. By keeping your printer active throughout the working day and outside of working hours, you’re consistently draining energy. By using a machine that limits the amount of power needed to maintain the standby mode, you could significantly reduce the environmental impact of your printer. Some machines only use a single watt while in standby, and can still go from standby to print in a matter of seconds. That means you don’t have to suffer any delays while reducing your energy usage at the same time.


For more advice on the best print hardware for your business, and how managed document services can improve your productivity, your bottom line, and your carbon footprint, get in touch with our sales team here. ASL Group are a managed document solutions company, who streamline and improve the print operations of their clients:

Andrew HoyleHow to limit the environmental impact of printing at work
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How to choose copiers and printers for your business

ASL is one of the largest independent managed print companies in the United Kingdom, and the market leader in terms of service, quality and reliability.  silhouette-1Although we focus on serving major enterprises with large fleets of hardware, the advice we give is valid whether you have one printer or one thousand.  It is all about matching the needs of your business with the equipment that is available.

In our experience this matching can only be done by experienced advisors who can work with you to assess your business needs and suggest the right solution.  This means you will not pay for features you do not need, nor will you be saddled with poor quality equipment that needs to be shifted to meet a manufacturer’s target.  As an independent reseller we can choose from the wide array of available technology and pick the machines that are right for you.

Many business leaders we talk to mention the bewildering pace of technology in the field of office automation.  We no longer have “photocopiers” but comprehensive office suites, able to scan, copy, print, fax, download and e-mail.  No sooner has one state-of-the-art solution been unveiled when another, even more superlative machine is brought on the market.

This maelstrom of technological creativity is the environment ASL thrives in.  It is our job to keep up to date with all the new models that are in continuous development, and understand them thoroughly so that you do not have to.  Unlike manufacturers, who have to sell what their company produces, we are able pick and choose on your behalf, using our expertise to get you the best price.

All of the following need to be assessed and matched to your business requirements and the right equipment selected to perform at maximum efficiency:

  • Environmental considerations
  • Maintenance and service agreements
  • Networking capabilities
  • Print speed and copy speed
  • Quality of graphic reproduction
  • Security
  • Accounting and reporting
  • Integration with third-party software
Andrew HoyleHow to choose copiers and printers for your business
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Mark Asbridge does well at the European Finals


Following his first place position in the UK Final, Mark Asbridge went on to compete in the European final against the winners of 15 other countries.

The competitors were flown in from their respective countries where they were treated to dinner and to get to know each other. The next morning they were transported to Kyocera’s European headquarters in Meerbusch, Germany, to begin the competition. This consisted of a written question paper with some really testing questions and a series of hardware and software problem solving tasks to test the knowledge of the competitors.

The top three competitors were then announced, with Mark being placed a very commendable third amongst some tough competition from the best of Europe. Prizes were then awarded, consisting of a week-long trip to Japan and Vietnam for the top three, to see the sights and visit Kyocera’s head office and factory. In addition each of the top three winners were awarded a specially airbrushed Service Trophy printer.

Andrew HoyleMark Asbridge does well at the European Finals
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ASL engineers take 1st and 2nd place in 2016 Kyocera Service Trophy

Mark Asbridge     Andrew Dale

Mark Asbridge (left) and Andrew Dale competed in the final of the 2016 Kyocera Service Trophy, held at Kyocera’s Manchester showroom on 18th May.

ASL service engineers took first and second place at the KYOCERA Document Solutions’ ninth annual UK Service Trophy.

The service trophy aims to identify and reward service technicians across the UK with the best attention to detail, technical knowledge and trouble-shooting skills.

Mark Asbridge of ASL Group beat over 700 KYOCERA trained service engineers across the UK to take home this year’s award, after coming out on top of a series of tasks held at KYOCERA’s Manchester Technology Suite.

Mark will now receive a bespoke trophy and travel to Germany this year to compete against engineers from 11 European countries to win a place in the final of the global competition hosted in Japan. During this trip finalists are given VIP treatment and also spend time visiting a KYOCERA production facility.

Following an online quiz, KYOCERA invited the top 5 scoring entrants to the UK final where they were challenged to complete 3 tasks to decide who would represent the UK at the European challenge.

ASL National Service Manager Bryan Borley said:  “This is a fantastic achievement and demonstrates the calibre of our service staff within the industry. I am sure you will all join me in congratulating them in their success.”

first prize

Above:  first prize was an iPad Pro.

Andrew HoyleASL engineers take 1st and 2nd place in 2016 Kyocera Service Trophy
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Digital Office Supplies Ltd (DOS) joins forces with Automated Systems Group Ltd (ASL)

DOS, based in Essex, has now become part of the Automated Systems Ltd (ASL) Group of companies. Established 21 years ago, DOS is a successful MPS dealership, based in Thurrock, providing document management solutions to over 300 businesses in London & the South East.

Commenting on ASL’s 7th acquisition in 5 years, Mark Garius, Managing Director of ASL, said: “DOS have a built a strong and loyal customer base in the south of England and they will add strength and depth to our coverage in those areas. We have made this acquisition as part of our on-going plans for growth and expansion, and we chose DOS carefully because their high standards and commitment to customer service match those of ASL. We are retaining their Essex office and staff as we recognise that their strong presence in the area needs to be maintained and grown.”

DOS’s owner and ten staff will join the ASL team, taking the company’s total turnover to over £17m, headcount to over 110 employees, and they will continue their excellent MPS service, supported by ALS’s additional capabilities. This includes a wider portfolio of cutting edge hardware equipment and leading paper management software solutions. DOS will also benefit from access to ASL’s market-leading IT infrastructure that ensures delivery of the highest levels of service to all customers.

ASL was founded in 1991 and is one of the largest independent reprographics print solution suppliers in the UK.  It services 5000 customers in East Anglia, the Midlands, London and the South East of England, with offices in Cambridge, Great Yarmouth, Milton Keynes, Solihull, Central London & Essex.

Andrew HoyleDigital Office Supplies Ltd (DOS) joins forces with Automated Systems Group Ltd (ASL)
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ASL takes part in Cambridge Regional College apprenticeships day

Cambridge Regional College Open Day (1)

Bar Hill based reprographics and print solutions company, Automated Systems Ltd (ASL) joined employers in the health, engineering, construction, manufacturing and catering industries at Cambridge Regional College (CRC) in August to talk to post- GCSE students about apprenticeship vacancies and careers options.

The Apprenticeship Scheme provides fully- funded apprenticeship training through Cambridge Regional College. With new apprentices recruited by ASL on average of every six months, trainees have made a positive impact on the ASL workplace. The company offers a unique range of learning opportunities with their successful and ongoing apprenticeship programme.

Bryan Borley, National Service Manager who attended the Apprenticeship Jobs Fair event with two ASL apprentices said: “ASL supports the Apprenticeship Scheme as it gives individuals the opportunity to train and obtain a qualification whilst in the workplace and provides the business with the skills needed.

“Not only are we recruiting apprentices to help business growth, our current apprentices are now embarking on higher level apprenticeships to develop their skills and gain further qualifications. Our apprentices were delighted to have the opportunity to speak with prospective apprentices about their experiences and careers path.”

Andrew HoyleASL takes part in Cambridge Regional College apprenticeships day
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ASL Group Embraces Cloud Technology

As Cloud Technology gains in popularity, ASL Group Ltd is able to offer a variety of ‘Cloud Ready’ software products alongside professional, qualified advice.

Having recently gained the CompTIA Cloud+ accreditation, ASL Group is equipped to professionally implement, manage and support these Cloud ready products in a variety of Cloud infrastructures (Private, Public, and Hybrid).

ASL offers a range of software products including Papercut, Filestar, DocuWare and Cirrato Print Management – all of which have a ‘Cloud solution’ in their portfolio.

ASL‘s business partner, Kyocera, have introduced a whole new department specialising in Cloud technology. Initially hosting Print Management solutions in the cloud, Kyocera will continue to develop software which offers a full solution to host and manage networks in the Cloud.

As Cloud technology evolves and is adopted by more organisations globally, ASL Group Ltd is proud to have the vision and commitment to professionally provide a Cloud solution, via established software products and future solutions with the support of Kyocera.

Andrew HoyleASL Group Embraces Cloud Technology
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ASL Joins the Cambridge Network


As a major employer and supplier in the Cambridgeshire area, ASL has joined the Cambridge Network, one of the biggest networking groups in the region.

Founded in 1998 by an influential group of business leaders and entrepreneurs, the Cambridge Network is a membership organisation based in the vibrant high technology cluster of Cambridge. The aim of the network is to bring people from business sectors and academia together to meet and share ideas:

“Cambridge ideas have changed the world and will continue to change the world. The mission at Cambridge Network is simple – to encourage collaboration for shared success.”

Find out more about the Cambridge Network at

Andrew HoyleASL Joins the Cambridge Network
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ASL launches Managed Document Solutions video

ASL has released a new video explaining our Managed Document Solutions (MDS) service.

MDS optimises the entire document print and workflow process for businesses.  The video explains the ASL 5 -stage approach in assessing and delivering tailored customer solutions and explains and highlights the key benefits of having an MDS strategy to businesses.

The 5 stage process Analyse, Design, Implement, Manage & Optimise looks at capturing documents (scanning and printing), through to archiving, security and managing the resulting environmental impact.

It explains how the entire document life-cycle can be improved to deliver greater efficiency, reduced costs and less waste.

Following the recent launch of ASL’s new responsive website, the video is the next step in communicating ASL’s services across the industry using a more dynamic and engaging medium.

An ASL Managed Document Solution will deliver FIVE major benefits to your business:

  • Reduced costs by an average of 30%
  • Improved productivity – we manage the solution so your staff can focus on what you do best
  • Environmental savings – typically, a 60% reduction in carbon emissions is achieved
  • Security – we can create a more secure document infrastructure
  • Compliance – with ISO, SOX and new environmental standards compliance can be guaranteed

To view the ASL Video on YouTube visit:

Or alternatively for more information on Managed Document Solutions visit the website page:

Andrew HoyleASL launches Managed Document Solutions video
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ASL MPS Processes

Assessment, optimisation and ongoing management of the print environment

The idea of auditing printers is often targeted at reducing the number of desktop devices and redirecting volumes to new MFP devices. In looking at a totally managed print environment, ASL understand that desktop printers may also be an integral part of office printing requirements.

In our assessment process we carry out a comprehensive audit of all current devices including location and print volumes. The information is translated into presentation format in order to show a complete picture of the current work-flow. The intention of the assessment is to report all aspects of the existing set up. Device metrics highlight the number of different types of devices in use which then translates into how much stock is required in the toner store cupboard, which can be another source of waste as devices get replaced.

Optimisation then involves proposals for ASL to introduce a fully managed print environment. This can be an ideal opportunity to cull the existing fleet of printing devices but where devices are justified, we then provide new desktop devices with both mono and/or full colour features in a compact, high speed, duplex, networked unit. This is in conjunction with strategically located MFP devices which offer larger paper sizes along with copying, scan to email/folder, fax and print and release features.

ASL supply new high specification desktop printers which, wherever possible, are networked. We then operate a supported service in a similar manner to MFP devices whereby service, breakdowns and consumables are included in a single page print cost. The benefits of this type of installation have been proven having regard to cost reduction, functionality and visibility.

The ongoing management aspect includes the introduction of PaperCut software which will allow for the implementation of ‘rules based printing’ and print monitoring. This will initially quantify and report print volumes as they currently stand and allow for a repeat of these reports in order for us to understand changes within the printing environment. The intention of reducing printing costs will then bring an environmental benefit as a matter of course.

In conclusion, when we first look at introducing a managed print service, we work with our customers to review current working practices and how they will be impacted by any subsequent changes. We believe that by working together toward a measured and sustainable installation, we will be able to achieve our mutual goal of a fully integrated, cost effective, managed print environment.

Find out more about MPS from ASL at

Andrew HoyleASL MPS Processes
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