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ASL – MPS and Environmental Costs

Poor print management can result in wasteful printing and the use of out-dated or redundant devices can lead to high energy consumption and increased running costs. Implementing responsible printing practices can go a long way to improving an organisation’s environmental credentials as well as significantly reducing costs.

As paper remains an important part of many business work-flows, the focus must be on the “less paper office” rather than the utopian ideal of the “paperless office”. The nature of printing may also be changing – rather than outsourcing high-quality printing, it is conducted in-house and documents are printed as and when required.

MPS seeks to address new requirements for printing in the 21st Century by ensuring that print facilities operate cost effectively and securely with minimal environmental impact.

Other simple steps to reduce the environmental impact of printing include using recycled paper, implementing duplex printing and company-wide print policies that encourage employees to print responsibly.

But to make real savings, companies need to have complete visibility on their printing devices, volumes and overall costs. This requires a true picture of how many devices there are in the organisation and what is being printed where and by whom.

MPS addresses these processes in three main stages – the assessment, optimisation and ongoing management of the print environment:

In our assessment process we carry out a comprehensive audit of all current devices including location and print volumes. The intention is to report all aspects of the existing set up – this information is translated into presentation format in order to show a complete picture of the current work-flow.

Optimisation involves our proposals for introducing a fully managed print environment. An ideal opportunity to cull an existing fleet of printing devices, we then provide new desktop devices with both mono and/or full colour features in a compact, high speed, duplex, networked unit. Consolidation brings order to the printer chaos by replacing single function, outdated and inefficient devices with modern energy efficient multi-function ones to reduce energy usage and enable enforced policies.

Our ongoing management includes the introduction of PaperCut software which will allow for the implementation of ‘rules based printing’ and print monitoring. This will quantify and report print volumes and allow for a repeat of these reports to enable an understanding of  changes within the printing environment.

The ultimate goal is to optimise and reduce the number of desktop printers installed across the network and leave devices which are then fully controlled and monitored in terms of both usage and cost.

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Andrew HoyleASL – MPS and Environmental Costs
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ASL – MPS & Follow Me

Probably one of the most important factors in eliminating paper waste is through the use of “follow-me printing”, which eliminates the common occurrence of “print and forget”.

When a printer job is sent to a network-enabled MFP, the document is only released when a user authenticates at the device. Documents not printed after a certain amount of time are then automatically deleted.

The added bonus of “follow-me printing” is that documents can be released at any location within the network, promoting user mobility. This not only reduces paper waste by eliminating uncollected output, it promotes document security and mobile working. All future MFP devices can have this feature embedded and we are sometimes able to retro fit to current devices.

PaperCut print management software is ideal for businesses of all sizes and actively encourages the responsible use of company resources, creating an environmentally friendly workplace. PaperCut print release software provides a simple solution that places jobs in a holding state until the user authenticates and releases the job at the printer.

User benefits include:

  • Secure printing – sensitive jobs will not sit uncollected on the printer; jobs only print when released by the user
  • Follow-Me Printing – provides a roaming print solution where users print to a single queue and jobs will be “pulled” to any printer where they authenticate
  • Reduced wastage- no more uncollected jobs; no wasted paper or toner

Green IT should no longer be an afterthought behind cost reduction – more businesses now consider sustainability as a key priority due to combined customer demands and new regulations on carbon trading. According to Ricoh, sustainability is a key part of almost 80 per cent of MPS tenders with a typical weighting of 35 per cent, from about 10 per cent a few years ago.

As sustainability rises up the agenda, so we expect the capability to quantify the environmental impact of the print environment to meet reporting requirements.

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Andrew HoyleASL – MPS & Follow Me
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ASL – MPS & Print Costs

Poor print management results in wasteful printing and the use of out-dated or redundant devices can lead to increased running costs.  Many organisations are reducing the complexity, cost and risk of operating an unmanaged print environment by adopting a managed print service (MPS).

Working together, ASL and our customers have been looking at this subject and have carried out many print audits across varying networks with a view to better quantifying print volumes and associated costs.

Cost reduction has long been the primary objective for MPS and to make real cost savings, companies need to have complete visibility on printing devices, volumes and overall costs. MPS addresses these processes in three main stages – the assessment, optimisation and ongoing management of the print environment:

Stage One – Assessment (print audit)

  • report current print volumes
  • record current print costs to include consumable costs
  • include capital costs for equipment
  • report colour usage as a percentage of overall print volume
  • report location of devices and current models/manufacturers.

Stage Two – Optimisation

  • reduce the installed base of desk top printers where appropriate
  • introduce strategically placed MFP devices to include scanning and fax where applicable
  • introduce follow me printing across the network of MFP devices
  • introduce print monitoring and if necessary rules based printing using PaperCut.

Stage Three – Ongoing management

  • report print volumes and trends
  • monitor and report copying at MFP devices
  • accounting of print and copy volumes into departmental codes
  • budget allocation for colour usage
  • pop up messaging for best printing practices
  • force applications such as outlook to mono printing
  • report colour usage and if necessary restrict
  • automatic toner ordering, fault reporting and meter reading collection.

We believe that by working together toward a measured and sustainable installation, we will ultimately be able to achieve our mutual goal of a fully integrated, cost effective, managed print environment.

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Andrew HoyleASL – MPS & Print Costs
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ASL Recycling Policy


In partnership with our waste contractors, ASL Group Ltd have achieved a 93% recycling rate from all departments, with just 7% going to landfill.

In certain areas, we have actually achieved a recycle rate of 100% by returning material to manufacturers and by utilising a metal recycling scheme.

We are delighted that we have been able to achieve these levels of recycling throughout the business, especially as material volumes are high and 100% of our waste used to be sent directly to landfill.

In response to the success of our current recycling scheme, we have now set a new target of a 95% recycle rate by further reducing our overall contribution to landfill.

ASL Group Ltd strives to reduce the environmental impact of its processes and we would like to thank all those who have contributed to our recycling policy.

And as a final reminder, don’t forget to ask this question: “If it’s going in the bin, can we recycle it…..?”

Andrew HoyleASL Recycling Policy
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ASL launch new responsive website

Press release: 

Automated Systems Group Ltd (ASL) has launched a new responsive website. The new website is easy to navigate, responsive to mobile and tablet devices, includes refreshed graphics and comprehensive product information.  The website also provides clear partner information from major manufacturers including Kyocera, Ricoh, Lexmark and Epson.

The new website’s content has been streamlined to provide a more user-friendly and engaging experience for ASL’s web visitors.  ASL has an impressive product line-up from the world’s leading manufacturers, but in addition, the Managed Document Solutions message as an end-to-end service is at the heart of the website’s objectives. The new website shows businesses how software and cutting-edge, multi-functional device solutions can increase efficiency and reduce customer costs.

Mark Garius, Managing Director at ASL Group Ltd said: “The new ASL website has been designed with user experience in mind and developed to ensure the site is compatible with today’s browsers and mobile devices. We also have an array of case studies that provide a detailed overview of ASL’s capabilities across a wide range of sectors beyond the traditional business service industries to include education, manufacturing and construction.”

On the new ASL website, visitors can also stay informed with the latest news from ASL and the print industry. The “News” page features the latest company announcements, product innovations and opinion pieces.

In addition, the new website allows users to engage with ASL across an array of social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

ASL is one of the UK’s leading independent document resellers, supplying and managing print, copy and scan solutions from world leading manufacturers. The company is based in Cambridge with offices in the midlands, London, Milton Keynes and Great Yarmouth employing 100 staff and looks after around 5000 customers across the UK.

For more information about ASL, call 0845 207 7000, email [email protected] or go to the new website at

Andrew HoyleASL launch new responsive website
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ASL Group Ltd joins Epson’s Printer Revolution

Automated System Group Ltd (ASL) is one of a carefully selected number of print service partners offering the latest Epson Workforce Pro RIPS (Replaceable Ink Pack System) range of business inkjet multi-function printers (MFPs).

Drawing on its inkjet printhead technology, PrecisionCore, used in many of Epson’s latest industrial and commercial printers, the new WorkForce Pro RIPS range offers businesses uninterrupted printing for up to 75,000 pages without the need for a consumables change. Epson’s Workforce Pro RIPS has been designed to address the impact of printer downtime and maintenance issues within the workplace while offering the convenience of a localised printer fleet, with the predictable costs of a centralised model.

With duplex printing, compatibility with Document Capture Pro and Email Print for Enterprise workflow solutions, the WorkForce Pro RIPS range is all about business. WorkForce Pro RIPS significantly lowers the environmental burden of logistics and recycling of toners, photoconductors, drums and packaging often associated with competitive laser printers. This can help companies meet their environmental targets and eliminates the need to manage complicated collection and recycling programmes. Furthermore, the printers deliver up to 50% lower costs per page and 80% lower energy consumption offering businesses a more environmentally friendly option than traditional laser models.

ASL is one of the largest independent print suppliers in the UK, providing a range of solutions from leading manufacturers and an official retailer of the Epson Workforce Pro RIPS range.

The three models available, under Managed Print Services (MPS) agreement, are the colour A4 WorkForce Pro WF-R5190DTW and the WF-R5690DTWF, and the colour A3 WF-R8590DTWF.

A Managed Print Service solution from ASL gives customers the added benefit of cutting edge remote monitoring to keep printer networks up and running, ordering toner and collecting meter readings.

Mark Garius, Managing Director of ASL says, “We are very pleased to be able to offer the Epson Workforce Pro RIPS range to our customers. The range has been designed to be reliable and robust and allows customers to maintain predictable costs as well as being environmentally aware. In conjunction with an ASL Managed Print Service agreement, businesses can benefit from peace of mind and efficiency with same day response from highly trained engineers to reduce any downtime, full training on all products and print software and flexible finance solutions”.

To find out more about the Epson Workforce Pro RIPS range and how ASL can save your business money and IT headaches, book a complimentary audit call us 0845 207 7000 or email: [email protected]

damianASL Group Ltd joins Epson’s Printer Revolution
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ASL attends Two Counties Expo

Automated Systems Ltd (ASL), one of the largest independent reprographic and print solutions suppliers in the UK, attended the Two Counties Business Expo on Wednesday 25th March, at the prestigious Newmarket Racecourse in Suffolk.

The ASL sales team Tim Middleton, Philip Carrington-Speed, Roger Shilton and Gary Raven with Hazel Brown from Ricoh UK presented the KYOCERA 3010i as well as the recently launched Ricoh MP C2003ZSP printers, demonstrating the advantages of MPS to delegates at the show.

Mark Garius, Managing Director of ASL says: “As a national organisation, it is important for ASL to attend local events such as the Chamber of Commerce Two Counties Expo, to build strong relationships with other businesses as well as to maintain a presence on home turf and attract new customers.”

The cross-county event proved popular, attracting 62 businesses from across Cambridgeshire and Suffolk. The annual event is invaluable for helping businesses cross the border between counties.

A busy session of speed networking and seminars also allowed businesses an opportunity to make connections and further their knowledge.

John Bridge OBE, Chief Executive of Cambridgeshire Chambers of Commerce, said “It was great to see so many different businesses from across Cambridgeshire and Suffolk engaging during the course of the exhibition. The Two Counties Business Exhibition was designed to facilitate wider collaboration between the region’s businesses and I believe that the level of interaction we saw yesterday will have opened doors to new opportunities and relationships.”

damianASL attends Two Counties Expo
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ASL expands to new offices in Great Yarmouth

Automated Systems Group Ltd (ASL) has moved part of its East Anglian team to new office premises in Great Yarmouth as the business continues to expand.

ASL is one of the UK’s leading independent document resellers, supplying and managing print, copy and scan solutions from world-leading manufacturers. The company is based in Cambridge with offices across the country. ASL recently acquired Great Yarmouth based printer and copier dealership, CopyFax. The deal meant that all the Copyfax team became part of ASL to further strengthen the company’s significant presence in the region.

As the warehousing function relocates to purpose-built facilities near Cambridge for maximised delivery capabilities, the move to offices in North Quay, Great Yarmouth will ensure the newly integrated Copyfax team have the very best facilities and retain the strong local presence in the East of England.

Mark Garius, Managing Director at ASL Group Ltd says, “We’ve been keen to ensure that the Copyfax team remain in Great Yarmouth to stay close to the customers that they have supported for 28 years. The new offices in North Quay, just near the town centre, has given the team modern and bespoke offices, perfect to deliver service for local customers.”

ASL was founded in 1991 and services 5000 customers across East Anglia, the Midlands, London and the South East of England, with offices in Cambridge, Great Yarmouth, Milton Keynes, Solihull and Central London.

damianASL expands to new offices in Great Yarmouth
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ASL reduces carbon footprint with “greener” vehicles

Automated Systems Group Ltd (ASL), one of the largest independent reprographic and print solutions suppliers in the UK, has replaced its entire engineer van fleet with more environmentally-friendly vehicles and implemented advanced fleet monitoring software to further reduce its carbon footprint.

With a fleet of 30 engineer vehicles to replace, ASL undertook extensive testing based on performance and low carbon footprint, the clear winner was the new 2015 Vauxhall Insignia Design Nav, supplied direct by the manufacturer.

Commenting on the decision, ASL’s Managing Director Mark Garius said “As a model aimed at the fleet market providing mobile connectivity and satellite navigation, the Vauxhall Insignia makes for an efficient safe working environment for the engineers. When you then look at competitive pricing, high specifications and fewer than 99 gm/km CO2 emissions, combined with a significantly lower benefit in kind for the driver, you have a winning formula”.

Another important factor was the “real life” miles per gallon, as running a fleet of more than thirty cars meant ASL’s annual fuel spend was a six figure sum. Throughout testing, ASL noted a 20% improvement in fuel economy over the existing fleet, resulting in significant savings over the cars’ life cycle.

As companies are increasingly challenged to measure, monitor and reduce their carbon output, vehicle fleets are under the spotlight. Real-time Telematics from each of ASL’s vehicle’s CO2 emissions is automatically recorded as part of the journey summary, thereby maintaining an accurate log of the company’s carbon footprint. By using software that includes a “Fleet Manager” view, ASL also has a complete overview of their fleet and the driving habits of their employees. By highlighting incidents of harsh acceleration and braking, excessive speeds or engine revs, and even periods of excessive vehicle idling, this can identify areas for a potential reduction in carbon output and any trends over the fleet. ASL can compare driving styles and see how future emissions can be further reduced by managing driver behaviour.

Mark Garius continues, “ASL has recently been awarded with ISO 14001, the Environmental Management International Standard for their strategy for reducing our environmental waste and carbon footprint. Future legislation will, inevitably, require companies to manage their environmental standards in a more structured way and with this fleet management tool ASL has an auditable record of carbon emissions.”

ASL are one of the UK’s leading independent document resellers, supplying and managing print, copy and scan solutions from world leading manufacturers. The company is based in Cambridge with offices in Solihull, London, Great Yarmouth and Milton Keynes employing over 100 staff and looks after around 5000 customers across the UK.

For more information, call 0845 207 7000 or go to

damianASL reduces carbon footprint with “greener” vehicles
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Copyfax Ltd joins forces with ASL Group Ltd

Copyfax has now become part of the Automated Systems Ltd (ASL) Group of companies. Established 28 years ago, Copyfax is a successful print and copier dealership company, based in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, providing document management solutions to over 200 businesses.

Commenting on the acquisition, Mark Garius, Managing Director of ASL, said: “We are delighted to have brought Copyfax into the ASL fold, they have a very strong and loyal customer base across Norfolk and the surrounding areas. Copyfax brings extra capability to the company and will further strengthen ASL’s significant presence in East Anglia.”

Copyfax’s owner and eight staff will all join the ASL team, taking the company’s total headcount to over 100 employees, and will continue their excellent print solution service and supported by ALS’s additional capabilities. This includes a wider portfolio of cutting edge hardware equipment and leading paper management software solutions. Copyfax will also benefit from access to ASL’s market-leading IT infrastructure that ensures delivery of the highest levels of service to all customers.

ASL was founded in 1991 and is one of the largest independent reprographics print solution suppliers in the UK. It services 5000 customers in East Anglia, the Midlands, London and the South East of England, with offices in Cambridge, Great Yarmouth, Milton Keynes, Solihull & Central London.

damianCopyfax Ltd joins forces with ASL Group Ltd
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